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What our clients are saying

2015-03-16, 20:51
A really terrific week. La Gomera is stunning. Andy and Paddy took us on a varied range of beautiful and interesting walks and the practicalities w...
Joanne Webster
2017-02-24, 16:49
Michael did say he would send me a list of the distances and heights climbed each day. I would be grateful for it.
Really enjoyed the walks, Mic...
Guest: Rob Wells
2013-12-08, 17:13
Had a wonderful time on La Gomera, utterly unspoilt island, and also had the chance to compare it with overdeveloped Tenerife, since I overnighted the...

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Gomera Walking
Avenida Maritima de Playa Santiago,2A
Alajeró, Islas Canarias - La Gomera
Spain 38811
La Gomera +34 - 922895145

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